Doing business with the Port

State law requires that ports with more than $10 million in annual gross revenue make all awarded contracts available for public review (RCW 53.08.440).

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Awarded Contracts

Contract # Start Date Title Vendor Name
071867.01 OCTOR: Legal Services for Alexander Avenue Petroleum Tank Facilities THIELE LAW FIRM PLLC
071709 Finance & Procurement Planning & Design CROWE LLP
071283.03 OCTOR: Zero-emission drayage program support CASCADIA LAW GROUP
071283.04 OCTOR: State/federal policy engagement support CASCADIA LAW GROUP
071798 Zero Emission Truck Collaborative Support ROSS STRATEGIC
071863 Legal Counsel-U.S. Customs & Foreign Trade zone Matters (2023) LAMB & LERCH
071813 Pier 3 Cranes Climate Control System Upgrade ATS AUTOMATION INC
071847.03 OCTOR: Legal Budget for Port of Tacoma General Environmental Matters COASTLINE LAW GROUP PLLC
071847.01 TO 01 Taylor Way & Alexander Ave. Fill Area (TWAAFA) Legal Support COASTLINE LAW GROUP PLLC
071847.02 TO 02 Arkema Cost Recovery Legal Support COASTLINE LAW GROUP PLLC