Doing business with the Port

State law requires that ports with more than $10 million in annual gross revenue make all awarded contracts available for public review (RCW 53.08.440).

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Awarded Contracts

Contract # Start Date Title Vendor Name
071890 Tribal Port Terminal Joint Venture Startup Legal Services SCHWABE, WILLIAMSON & WYATT, P.C.
071941 Incident Managment Discussion-Based TTX THE RESPONSE GROUP
071942 ICS 300 Training THE RESPONSE GROUP
071928 NWSA PCS Appointment Capacity Dashboard Improvements ADVENT INTERMODAL SOLUTIONS LLC
071926 Hood v. NWSA Lawsuit Legal Services FOSTER GARVEY PC
071886 MS Dynamics CE Support Services ALTRIVA LLC
071755 Admin BLDG EV Charging Stations ACTIVE CONSTRUCTION INC
071855 Cybersecurity Auditor 2023 CQR INC dba CYBERCX
071910 Development of NWSA-Port Employee Handbook SUMMIT LAW GROUP
071912 Strategic Planning Market Update and Support MERCATOR INTERNATIONAL LLC