Doing business with the Port

State law requires that ports with more than $10 million in annual gross revenue make all awarded contracts available for public review (RCW 53.08.440).

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Awarded Contracts

Contract # Start Date Title Vendor Name
071664 Terminal 3 & Terminal 4 Shore Power Project CRA Shimmick Construction Company Inc.
OCTOR - 00002 TO ## 3Q2022 Groundwater Monitoring MAUL FOSTER & ALONGI INC
071645 Fabulich Center Building Envelope Restoration CRA RIFE MASONRY
071678 CRA for WUT Fender System Replacement Completion AMERICAN CONSTRUCTION CO INC
01 TO ## Kennedy Jenks consultant design services KENNEDY/JENKS CONSULTANTS
071707 Maytown Property Sale Consulting Services THOMPSON CONSULTING GROUP, INC.
OCTOR - 00003 OCTOR for Lot M Parking Stripping Layout DAVID EVANS & ASSOCIATES
071670 OCTOR for Lot M Remove Striping PUGET PAVING & CONSTRUCTION INC
071716 CRA for Site plan layout from TransDevelopment TD GROUP, LLC dba TRANSDEVELOPMENT GROUP