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The Port of Tacoma is lead by five commissioners who are elected to four-year terms by the voters of Pierce County.

The commission hires the executive director, sets policy and strategic direction, and approves all major expenditures. The Port is an independent municipal corporation that operates under Title 53 of the Revised Code of Washington and is classified as a special purpose district.

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Commission meetings

Meetings are streamed live on the web and archived for later viewing.

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Public comments

We want to hear from you! The commission invites comments from the public during meetings.

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2021-2026 Strategic Plan

The Port's mission has always been promoting economic prosperity through the advancement of maritime trade and growth in the regional economy.

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Track the Port's financial performance through our regular filings.

Attending commission meetings

The commission holds regular public meetings at noon on the third Thursday of the month in Room 104 of The Fabulich Center, 3600 Port of Tacoma Rd. in Tacoma, Washington, though may hold special meetings on different dates, locations and/or times. Meetings are streamed live on the web and archived for later viewing.

If you require special accommodation to attend a public meeting, contact Judi Doremus at 253-383-9402 at least 48 hours in advance.

Commission meetings