Land Use
Deirdre Wilson
Senior Planning Manager

Ryan Medlen
Senior Planner


Senior Planner

Regional partnerships

We advocate for the transportation infrastructure and system management needs of Port-related businesses in the Tideflats and Pierce County. We develop and maintain an understanding of regional transportation projects that support Port-related mobility.

Pierce County Regional Council

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The Pierce County Regional Council (PCRC) was created to ensure planning between Pierce County and its cities and towns was accomplished in a coordinated, consistent manner.

The Council is comprised of elected officials from Pierce County, each of its 23 cities and towns, and the Port of Tacoma. The primary responsibility of the PCRC is to ensure that the Growth Management Act requirements are coordinated within the County and the region.

Growth Management Coordinating Committee

Our involvement in Growth Management Coordinating Committee furthers the Port’s Economic Vitality strategy to develop and support land use and infrastructure policies that protect the cargo supply chain and promote a robust employment base.

Transportation Coordinating Committee

We participate in Transportation Coordinating Committee to support the Port’s foundational goal of Transportation Advocacy: promote road, rail and navigation infrastructure vital to the region, maritime industry and economy.

Puget Sound Regional Council

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The Puget Sound Regional Council develops policies and coordinates decisions about regional growth, transportation and economic development planning within King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap counties.

PSRC is composed of nearly 100 members, including the four counties, cities and towns, ports, state and local transportation agencies and Tribal governments within the region.

PCRC is supported by two technical subcommittees: the Growth Management Coordinating Committee (GMCC), which is made up of planning officials from each of the cities and towns in Pierce County, and the Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC), which is made up of transportation officials.