Working Together

We work to strengthen, build and maintain strategic relationships with federal, state and local governments, and with the Puyallup Tribe of Indians to promote economic development and environmental stewardship. Our commissioners and staff regularly discuss issues related to economic development and environmental stewardship with elected officials and partner with other stakeholder groups to jointly advocate for these issues.

2021 State Legislative Agenda

Remedial Action Grants

The Port is seeking $3.15 million in Remedial Action Grant funding to fund two remediation projects under agreed orders initiated by the state. These sites include:

  • Alexander Avenue Tank Farm
  • Arkema Manufacturing site  

State Route 167 completion

The Port supports the on-time implementation of State Route 167 completion project, including efforts to address the existing $90 million shortfall in the Puget Sound Gateway Program. State Route 167 completion project.

Interstate 5/Port of Tacoma Road Interchange

The Port supports the City of Fife in their efforts to fund Phase 2 of the Interstate 5/Port of Tacoma Road Interchange. Visit the City of Fife's project page.

Fishing Wars Memorial Bridge

The Port supports the City of Tacoma in their efforts to fund remaining portions of the Fishing Wars Memorial Bridge.

2021 Local Legislative Agenda

Preserving maritime and manufacturing lands

Support local land use and transportation policies, including long range plans such as subarea planning, that maintain or enhance maritime and manufacturing lands, and the critical road and rail infrastructure required for freight mobility. The goals being to preserve industrial lands, freight mobility, allow for the anticipated development of marine cargo facilities and support the growth of related family-wage jobs.

Improving and maintaining the regional freight systems

Support and work with our jurisdictional partners in obtaining grant funding that enhances freight corridors that improve the competitiveness of port properties, benefits the local community and improves safety, including the Interstate 5/Port of Tacoma Road Interchange Phase 2 project. Work with local jurisdictions to coordinate and communicate infrastructure projects to minimize freight and workforce commute impacts.

Future transportation infrastructure projects

Work with local transportation jurisdictions including Sound Transit and Washington State Department of Transportation to ensure new infrastructure projects have limited negative impacts to freight mobility/capacity and provide increased safety for all users.