Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings (S&P) raised its long-term ratings from “AA-”to “AA” on the Port of Tacoma's senior-lien port revenue bonds and from “A+” to “AA-” on the Port's subordinate-lien port revenue bonds. In addition, S&P affirmed its “AA” rating on the Port's limited-tax general obligation (GO) bonds and its “AA+/A-1” long-term component rating.

Port of Tacoma Commissioners have approved a new strategic plan to guide the Port’s priorities through 2026. The new 2021-2026 Strategic Plan describes the Port’s mission and values, while also identifying goal areas where the Port will direct its focus and resources over the next five years. 

The Blair Bridge was built in 1953 to improve the flow of cars and ships in the Tideflats. It did its job well, but by the 1980s, ships were larger and often had a difficult time squeezing through the 150-foot bascule bridge opening in the 300-foot-wide waterway.

The weathered façade and boarded-up windows of the Browns Point Lighthouse belies its radiant history.

It’s the only lighthouse in Pierce County, one of only a few art deco lighthouses in the United States and, since 1933, its flashing beacon has welcomed ships to Commencement Bay.

The Port of Tacoma is proud to welcome its newest tenant Silverback Marine, a full-service aluminum boat builder, who has relocated to Tacoma from their previous location in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood.

The Northwest ports of Vancouver, British Columbia, Tacoma, Seattle, and the combined container operations of The Northwest Seaport Alliance, are jointly committing to a new vision to phase out emissions from seaport-related activities by 2050. In a collaboration among the four ports, the Northwest Ports Clean Air Strategy seeks to meet this target through changes in equipment, fuels, and infrastructure, supporting cleaner air for local communities and fulfilling the ports’ shared responsibility to help limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The Port of Tacoma is seeking public comment on its draft 2021-2026 Strategic Plan. The draft plan can be viewed on the Port of Tacoma’s website and comments can be submitted through an online form. The comment period runs through April 5, 2021. (To submit an alternative format request, please call 253-888-4810). 

The Port of Tacoma, Port of Seattle, The Northwest Seaport Alliance, and Vancouver Fraser Port Authority are working on a collaborative vision to phase out air and greenhouse gas emissions from seaport-related activities in our region by 2050. 

February is Black History Month, dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the achievements and contributions by American Americans who have inspired our nation. In honor of Black History Month, Port of Tacoma and The Northwest Seaport Alliance employees share why this month matters to them.

Update: Feb. 28, 2021 at 6 p.m.

Via Washington State Department of Ecology:

Today’s operations focused on completing the removal of diesel from the fuel tanks on board the vessel. A total of approximately 48,600 gallons has been removed over the last three days. All of the remaining accessible ammonia and the oil that lubricates the ammonia system on board the vessel was also removed. The list of the vessel remained stable throughout the fuel offloading operations.