Organizational Success

Create and sustain a transparent culture prioritizing the Port's fiduciary role as trustee of public assets and commitment to financial responsibility.

The Port and its Commission act as trustees for the best management of the public's assets.

To be successful, the Port must create and sustain a productive and safe work environment, continue to focus on its customers, commit to its strategic direction, and for the sake of efficient and effective performance, embrace sound financial practices and internal alignment.


Provide continued solid Port financial success and fiduciary performance.
Protect the public’s investment by maintaining existing assets and positioning them for future growth.
Ensure the Strategic Plan is the day-to-day roadmap for all decisions and actions by the organization.
Plan, design, and construct a new Port staff workspace that also provides spaces for community engagement and mixed-use opportunities.
Integrate the values of diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as health and safety, into the Port's culture and decision-making framework.
Foster an organizational culture that attracts, develops and retains a diverse, high-performing, and engaged workforce.