July 8, 2024
More than a hundred people from about 40 agencies gathered in Tacoma June 26 for a tabletop exercise simulating a large-scale emergency response.

The Port of Tacoma organized the event, which used the scenario of a fire on a car carrier ship docked at a terminal to bolster the region’s ability to respond to a major vessel incident.
June 21, 2024
Port of Tacoma Commissioners on June 18 approved the square footage of a new Port business center, international travel for the last half of 2024, a contract for video production and web streaming, and an interlocal agreement with Tacoma Public Schools to support the Summer Certification Program.
June 14, 2024
Port of Tacoma Commissioners on May 21 approved $169,200 for local governments and nonprofits from the Local Economic Development Investment Fund. The investments are designed to promote Washington State-based international trade, business recruitment or retention, tourism, or infrastructure efforts in Pierce County.
June 13, 2024
Be on the lookout for staff from the Port of Tacoma at various Pierce County public events this summer. Stop by our booth to learn more about the Port’s environmental projects, maritime trade, and how we work to advance economic prosperity in our region – and to claim your very own Port ducky!
June 11, 2024
Upper Clear Creek, a Port of Tacoma habitat site, is a wetland filled with birds.  But you can’t always see them.  Scott Markowitz of Puget Sound Bird Observatory calls them “secretive birds.”  “You may be lucky enough to see a Virginia Rail,” Markowitz said. “But what you're not getting are the six other Virginia Rails in the immediate area.” 
June 7, 2024
A new report released by the Puget Sound Maritime Air Forum highlights a continued decrease in maritime-related air pollutant emissions across the Puget Sound region, through 2021. The Puget Sound Emissions Inventory (PSEI) report, compiled through a collaborative effort involving seven ports, six government agencies, and three industrial partners, reveals reductions in emissions across various maritime sectors when compared to data from 2016 and 2005.

Key findings from the PSEI reveal an 82 percent reduction in diesel particulate matter and a 10% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions from port and maritime sources throughout the greater Puget Sound area from 2005. These positive trends reflect the collective commitment to environmental stewardship demonstrated by Puget Sound ports, government entities, and the maritime industry at large.
June 7, 2024
Port of Tacoma Commissioners on May 21 approved a ground lease with Tacoma Public Schools for the Maritime|253 skills center at the Port Maritime Center and an annual compensation package for the Port Executive Director.

Commissioners also approved $169,200 in investments from the Port’s Local Economic Development Investment Fund, and a proclamation honoring Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month.
May 18, 2024
May 18 marks International Day for Women in Maritime, an occasion with significant meaning for Port of Tacoma Commissioners Kristin Ang and Deanna Keller.

Both say it’s important to encourage more women to join the maritime industry.

“Go for it. We need more women. These are great jobs, these are great opportunities,” said Commission President Ang. “Environmental justice, economic development, commercial, engineering, you want to build a crane, you want to build our terminals, it’s all right here, and we’re also part of the clean energy transition.”
May 17, 2024
On a crisp winter day last year, I was touring a Port habitat site with a group of plant scientists when we noticed something peculiar. The bark had been systematically eaten off every single service berry shrub in the area...