Strategic Plan

The 2021 - 2026 Strategic Plan

The Port's Strategic Plan is designed to grow the region's economy and connect our community to a world of opportunity. Our success relies on the ability to achieve strong financial performance from investment decisions and operating results. A major focus of our Strategic Plan is supporting maritime trade and our customers. A substantial portion of the Port's operating revenue and resulting economic benefits come from maritime trade activities.

To further our unique and important role in the community and beyond, the Port has established five foundational goals that will guide our priorities through 2026. Each foundational goal is accompanied by a set of strategies designed to support and achieve the Port's mission. Central to the Port's mission is promoting economic prosperity through the advancement of maritime trade and growth in the regional economy. A key to that prosperity is the ongoing success of the NWSA.


Foundational goals

Plan in action

Success of this Plan requires intentional integration into the Port's day to day activities. The Port’s executive director works continuously with the Commission to develop priorities, and with staff to develop the Implementation Plan. The Port's budget development process is a key tool for clarifying priorities and providing resources needed for the actions contained in the Implementation Plan.

Supporting material

Mission and Values
Major business areas
Community outreach
Port history


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