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Project Description

The Port of Tacoma (Port), under Interlocal Agreements with the Tacoma School District (TSD), proposes to develop a new Maritime Center on Port property adjacent to the Wheeler-Osgood and Thea Foss Waterways. The new Maritime Center will include Port construction of a new 60,000 SF headquarters building (Port Business Center), and TSDs’ construction of a new 35,000 SF Maritime Skills Center building (Maritime | 253) on property leased from the Port adjacent to the Port Business Center. The proposal also includes developing site access, parking, utilities and landscaping serving the Maritime Center, as well as shoreline restoration and public access including an esplanade and a floating dock along the Thea Foss Waterway.


1203 East D Street, Tacoma, Washington, within four tax parcels (895000-1052, -1100, -1110 and 0320041040).

Comments Dates

Comment Start Date:     June 28, 2024  

Comment End Date:     July 12, 2024 

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