Port of Tacoma staff at the 2022 Tacoma Pride Fest.

Look for the Port at the 2023 Tacoma Pride Festival!

The Pride flag is flying over the Port of Tacoma administration building as the Port joins a month-long celebration in the South Sound.

The Port of Tacoma’s most recent Pride Month proclamation called on the people of Pierce County “to recognize the achievements of the LGBTQ+ community, to celebrate the great diversity of the American people, and to wave their flags of pride high.”

While June is often recognized as Pride Month, celebrations take place at different times of year. Tacoma Pride coordinates a community celebration in July (a month originally chosen because there’s less chance of rain!).

The Port of Tacoma marks Pride by switching its social media logo to rainbow colors for the month, participating as a sponsor of Tacoma Pride with a booth at the Saturday, July 8 celebration of the LGBTQ+ community in Tacoma, and flying the Pride flag over the Port of Tacoma administration building.

Commissioner Kristin Ang was on hand as Port staff raised the Pride flag at noon on June 30, shortly after a similar event by the City of Tacoma at the Tacoma Dome.

“We proudly raise the Pride flag at our Port headquarters in support of our LGBTQ+ community. Let our flag be a symbol of unwavering support for equality and commitment to creating an inclusive, safe and welcoming space for all,” Commissioner Ang said.

Commissioners most recently passed a Pride Month proclamation on July 21, 2022. On the July 18 Port commission meeting agenda is the 2023 Pride Month proclamation for commissioners’ consideration.