(To the beat of Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby)

Alright stop
Collaborate and listen
This bio’s back with a brand-new edition
Salmon, are top of mind rightly
Keeping me up, daily and nightly
Will it ever stop?
Yo, I don’t know
We know we wanna help the orcas though
To the extreme, we do as much as we’re able
Working hard to keep those populations stable.

From the S-R-F Board
Building habitat that moves us toward
Recovery, for Chinook and steelhead
From migratory paths to building new redds
Love it or eat it
Salmon need a WAY
They really need our help
Or the orcas won’t STAY
There is a problem, but
Yo, we’ll solve it
Check out what you can do
To help resolve it.

Fish fish baby
Fish fish baby

Word to your Mother Earth

FileVanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

Environmental Connection:

Check out this Tacoma News Tribune article on salmon recovery. Interested in learning what you can do to protect Puget Sound? Here are some great resources.

Photos from Upper Clear Creek Mitigation Site