A goose family portrait: George, Lucy, and goslings

A goose family photo:
George, Lucy and their five goslings on a stroll.

What do you call dad jokes about Canada Geese? Dad yolks. 

Which side of a goose has the most feathers? The outside. 

What happened to the geese when they fell down the stairs? They all got goose bumps.  

Who is a goose’s favorite actor? Ryan Gosling. 

Jokes aside, parenting is no laughing matter for Canada goose dads. Man-geese or ganders take protecting their mate and goslings (baby geese) seriously. The gander keeps a vigilant watch to guard against predators for the 24-28 days the mom-goose incubates the eggs. Ganders will attack other birds, animals, humans, cars or anything else that may get too close to their nest.  

Raising goslings is a lot of work and requires both parents! Once the eggs hatch, the goslings are soon able to swim and eat on their own, but they are vulnerable to predators. Imagine trying to keep a pack of toddlers safe. No wonder geese have a reputation for being grumpy! Both parents stick around to help the goslings survive the winter.    

If you have been following this blog for a while you may remember reading about a pair of Canadian love birds who nested in a downspout treatment box on the Port Admin deck. The pair, affectionately known around the Port as George and Lucy, returned this spring. George did his job well and made it very clear that he wasn’t happy about us walking on the other side of the glass of his nest!  

Happy Father’s Day to all the Georges out there! 

Photo above: George guarding his nest at the downspout at the Port Admin building.