It's like Craigslist or Angie's List, but port-specific. Peruse the first installment of Jenn's List to discover unique and wonderful (?) treasures found around the Tideflats. 

An adorable harbor seal pup is caught napping at a Port habitat site while its mom hunts. 

A pair of investigators search for the truth along the Port’s waterways. Each outfall encountered is suspect.

The Marshall family finds themselves in a wondrous world where the soils are 65 percent gravelly sand and 35 percent biochar, and the water begins its journey looking vaguely like coffee and ends it…well, looking like water.

Rewriting a Cher classic to commemorate the gypsy moth eradication efforts last month at seven sites in western Washington, including Tacoma.

Three adorable goslings and their protective parents waddle to a more suitable home across the street.

A busy beaver is illegally harvesting willow and red alder trees at our Upper Clear Creek Mitigation Site. 

A pair of osprey, also known as seahawks, make their nest and raise their young atop a light pole in a Port rail yard. 

A recent storm revealed a new geologic strata—​old roofing material—​in the bank of our Dick Gilmur Shoreline Restoration and Kayak Launch along Marine View Drive.

Port Biologist Blotter: Investigation of missing Canada goose eggs at the Port Administration Building.