Lower Wapato Creek Habitat Project Phases II and III - Planting, Irrigation, Fencing and Landscape Maintenance Project

Contract Number:
Estimated Cost Range:
$1,400,000 to $1,600,000, plus Washington State Sales Tax (WSST).
Procurement Summary:
The Port of Tacoma is soliciting proposals from firms interested in providing fence work for the 18.5 acre Habitat Project located in the Lower Wapato Creek area. The work includes the requirements for furnishing and installing all items and components of a completed fence system in conformance with these specifications and the dimensions and sections indicated on the drawings or as established by the Engineer.

Scope of Work: The Work required for this 18.5 acre Habitat Project includes the following:
1. The installation of approximately 4,000 LF of perimeter smooth wire fencing.
2. The installation, management and eventual removal of an irrigation system.
3. The initial planting of: a. 7,600 bare root or live stake trees b. 24,900 bare root or live stake shrubs c. 115,200 10 CU. IN. emergent plugs. These materials will be purchased separately by the Port.
4. The replacement planting of approximately: a. 1,100 bare root or live stake trees b. 3,750 bare root or live stake shrubs c. 17,300 10 CU. IN. emergent plugs These materials will be purchased separately by the Port.
5. The management of invasive weeds and other plants during the Contract period by means of spraying, hand pulling or other means.
6. The overseeding of bare areas with native seed mixes provided by the Port.
7. General site maintenance.
Questions Due 07/7/2022 by 2:00 pm.

Sealed Bid Date/ Bids will be received at the Front Reception Desk, Port Time/Location: Administration Office, One Sitcum Plaza, Tacoma, Washington 98421.

Pre-Bid Conference and Site Tour: No pre-bid Conference or site visit is scheduled for this project as the area is available for public viewing anytime without a Port escort.