Project description

The Pony dock is used to move miscellaneous cargoes to and from shipping vessels. The facility is used by two tenants, a roofing manufacturer and a marine contractor. The dock generally serves as a multi-purpose transfer point that supports the trucks and cranes used to transfer products. Repairs are required to protect the stability of the landside pile cap and approach slabs. With continued erosion and undermining, the landside pile cap piling supports the entirety of the pile cap which reduces the available live load capacity of the piling. The transition slabs that connect upland paving to the dock are intended to be grade supported. Loss of material from under the transition slabs have put them at risk of failure from heavy loading. Without the transition slabs and proper support of the slabs, traffic and equipment will not be able to access the dock.

The Project area is an approximately 1,030 square foot area underneath the pier and abutment. It extends landward 17 feet from +9 feet MLLW and runs approximately 60.5 feet along the shoreline. The Port proposes to regrade the slope to original grade, then install riprap/gravel to support the slope and the existing abutment. Grout will be pumped through holes in the pier into the void at the top of the slope where riprap will not fit below the abutment. All grout will be above the high tide line (HTL) and installed using BMPs for concrete/grout work near the aquatic environment.


The project will be located at 3701 Taylor Way, Tacoma WA, Pierce County, situated in Section 36 of Township 21 N, Range 03 E of the Willamette Meridian.

Comment Dates:

  • Comment start date: Sept. 8, 2022
  • Comment end date: Sept. 22, 2022
  • Request for reconsideration end date: Sept. 29, 2022

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