Recent questions

Jan. 17, 2017, Port of Tacoma commission meeting

Why is this new Trident lease less than the previous one?
This new lease shifts capital investments and much of the maintenance to the lessee, so we can save our money for other capital investments. That means we can charge Trident less than we have in the past.

Why is 30 percent of the Trident lease related to maintenance? Is this typical?
This is an older facility, which has traditionally required more maintenance, so the amount of the lease reflected in maintenance is higher than most of our leases.

Jan. 3, 2017, Northwest Seaport Alliance Managing Member meeting

Can you clarify whether the Puget Sound Energy bunkering easement only allows for use by TOTE vessels?
The memo and presentations for the Aug. 2, 2016, Managing Member meeting called out that the bunkering easement allows for fueling of TOTE ships and LNG fuel barges. In addition, Section 5.1 of the easement document includes the following provisions: “PSE intends to provide regional users with LNG, and may transport from the site via barge. The parties agree that export via LNG tank ship is not allowed.”

Who will perform the fueling?
We reached out to Puget Sound Energy to help answer this question. As in all bunker operations, suppliers and vessel crews closely coordinate in making the connections and transferring the fuel. To meet safety regulations, people who fuel ships or barges are required to obtain certain specific qualifications that include training and testing. It’s still to be determined exactly who will do the fueling.

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