Judi Doremus
Executive assistant

The Port of Tacoma welcomes you and invites your public comment. This handout is intended as a guide for effective communication between you and the Port Commission, management and staff. We want to hear from you.

Meeting date & time during the pandemic

Port Commission regular public meetings are held in the Fabulich Center, Room 104, 3600 Port of Tacoma Road, Tacoma Washington, on the third Thursday each month beginning at noon/12 p.m. The public may also attend by phone. Dial-in information is posted to the Port’s meeting website in advance of each meeting.

Public comment during the pandemic

  • During these unusual times, the Port continues to value hearing from you, about any matter of Port business.
  • Members of the public may submit written comment via email to Written comments received by 9 a.m. one day prior to the Port Commission meetings will be distributed to commissioners. Written comments received after the 9 a.m. cut-off will still be distributed but please note, it may not allow sufficient time to be reviewed prior to any commission action.
  • To provide public comment via telephone during the public comment portion of the meeting, please email:; with subject line “Speaker – Public Comment.” Please provide your name, the telephone number you will be calling from, and the agenda topic you wish to speak to. You will be contacted with instructions.
  • The Commission President will ask for public comment at the start of the meeting, and public comment is usually invited for specific items listed in the meeting agenda, prior to the Commission vote on each “action item”.
  • When called upon, please introduce yourself giving your name and city/county of residence.Please direct your comments to the Commission President.
  • You have up to three minutes to make your comments. Time allotments for comments may be altered to ensure that more speakers have an opportunity to be heard in a reasonable amount of time.

Comment decorum

  • The purpose of public comment is not to debate, but instead for Commission to receive public input on issues under consideration before it takes action.
  • At the discretion of the Commission President, Commission members may respond to comments on the conclusion of the public comment period.
  • Public comment may not be used to campaign for any person or ballot issue, or for commercial advertising purposes.
  • All speakers (public, Port staff, and Commissioners) should be courteous in language, tone and demeanor. Remarks should be confined to facts and opinion relevant to the matter under consideration.
  • Commission meetings are civil proceedings. It is inappropriate to cheer, applaud, boo, or otherwise be disrespectful.

Special meetings & workshops

  • Occasionally the Port holds Special Meetings on other than its regular meeting date, which will be advertised on our website.
  • The Public is welcome to tune into Commission Work Sessions and Study Sessions, but no votes are taken and public comment will only be taken at the discretion of the Commission President.