Despite two years of negotiations, a transportation investment package "remains as stuck as a rush-hour commuter," The Seattle Times’ Jonathan Martin recently wrote in an opinion piece. 

Don Esterbrook, chief operations officer, will provide an update on the Port of Tacoma Feb. 9 at the Transportation Club of Tacoma’s lunch meeting.

Commissioners are expected at their Thursday meeting to hear a request to complete the next phase of work to redevelop the general central peninsula.

The Business Examiner headline says it all: "Will this be the year for long-awaited transport package?" 

Sen. Curtis King says support is growing in Olympia to raise the gas tax to fund transportation infrastructure investments, according to a recent report by King 5.

Container volumes through Puget Sound’s largest container ports remained flat in 2014, according to numbers released jointly for the first time by the ports of Seattle and Tacoma.

Commissioners are expected at their Thursday meeting to consider a request to provide fundi

The Seattle Seahawks' win highlights valuable lessons for legislators.

Falling gas prices present an opportunity for lawmakers in both Washingtons to

Port of Tacoma commissioners have named Don Johnson to lead the 2015 Commission.