Well, 2019 came and went.
Looking back, I wonder how my time was spent,
Obviously not writing the diary of a port biologist —
Might have to change my title to professional apologist.
But it sure has been busy around here,
Turns out a lot happened this year.

Last winter a sinkhole formed over an important road,
A culvert was failing where Wapato Creek flowed.
The culvert will soon be replaced by a full-span bridge;
I won’t miss that culvert, not even a smidge.
Permitting this project has not been the most fun,
But once it’s completed, the fish will have more room to run.

Researching critters definitely took center stage,
Salmon and their eating habits were all the rage.
We caught plenty of bugs and performed gastric lavage —
Basically, it’s an aggressive fish belly massage.
In Clear Creek, we found more fish than we could count;
We can count pretty high, so it was a big amount.

One particular critter was quite the cliché,
Going to and from its worksite every day.
The fish love all the work it’s been doing,
But the trees are less enthused with all its chewing.
This giant rodent is certainly an overachiever —
Who knew 2019 would be the biologist versus the beaver?

There were six different stewardship events
Where folks could pull weeds to their hearts’ content.
Forterra was the Port’s essential partner,
Without them, stewardship would be infinitely harder.
There were meetings and committees and presentations,
After which may have required one (or more) libations.

We continue to battle with our invasive snail,
But the Port and WSDA are hot on their trail.
Quite literally because we tried a new technique,
Hopefully it is the solution that we seek.
The snails had a little bath made of steam,
One day they’ll be eradicated, a biologist can dream.

Now it is time to say goodbye to 2019,
I predict 2020 will be anything but routine.
There will be the planned (and some unexpected) duties,
I may even opine over some sea lion booties.
Working here, you definitely have to be a good sport,
But I arguably have the best gig at the Port.

2020 is going to be another busy year,
But the blog and I will still be here.
There are two projects currently in the works
That promise to bring salmon habitat perks.
So, stay tuned for the next go-round,
It’s gonna be an exciting time in Puget Sound.