Some people say the ports of Tacoma and Seattle need to cooperate more. In reality, the two ports cooperate far more than most people realize.

The Seattle Times reports today that Senate Transportation leaders may already be giving up on transportation, barely a third of the way through the legislative session.

Friday marks the beginning of Chinese New Year. On the Chinese zodiac calendar, it will be the Year of the Horse. The holiday marks an opportunity to sweep out the bad luck of the last year and start over.

There are certainly several reasons why lawmakers in Olympia have failed to reach agreement on a transportation revenue package that would fund important projects like the completion of State Route 167. Legislators are so frustratingly close. But is there the political will to get it done?

Pierce County's legislative delegation met with the elected leadership of Pierce County, City of Tacoma and Port of Tacoma last night to discuss their goals for the 2014 legislative session. Once again, transportation was on everyone's minds, with all three bodies asking lawmakers to take action on completing State Route 167.

Capital Press reports that Pacific Northwest hay growers will continue to be squeezed on export prices until the cost of shipping from Seattle and Tacoma decreases to be in line with Los Angeles, exporters told growers at the Northwest Hay Expo.

Watch this interview by Sam Pace on Comcast Newsmakers, talking about the South Sound Chambers of Commerce Legislative Coalition and their advocacy for a transportation revenue package.

We talk a lot about the importance a completed State Route 167 has for the Port of Tacoma, but it

The chairs and ranking members of the House and Senate Transportation Committees held a joint pre

The Tacoma News Tribune laid out its action agenda for 2014 this weekend and once again,