State Route 167 supporters are invited to join Gov.

The completion of State Route 167and the larger Puget Sound Gateway projecthas been named one of the most important transportation projects in all of North America on a list compiled by CG-LA Infrastructure, a Washington, D.C.-based consulting firm specializing in infrastructure investments.

With the State Route 520 Bridge construction behind him, Gov. Jay Inslee signed the bills making up a $16 billion transportation package on Wednesday at the University of Washington.

SR 167 supporters are invited to join Gov. Inslee at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 15, for the bill signing ceremony of the 2015 Transportation Investment Package (SB 5987, SB 5988 and SB 5989).

With the passage of two final bills in the House of Representatives today, the Washington State Legislature completed its work on a 16-year $16.2 billion statewide transportation package.

The package includes $1.85 billion for the Puget Sound Gateway, which includes the substantive completion of State Route 167.

The Senate on Monday night passed the transportation revenue bill (SB 5987) and bond bill (SB 5989) that will pay for the completion of State Route 167. The Senate is expected to take up the bill authorizing the construction projects (including SR 167) on Tuesday. 

With Lawmakers beginning their third overtime session at noon Sunday as they try to wrap up work on a state operating budget that must be passed by Tuesday to avoid a partial government shutdown Wednesday, the final major barrier to a statewide transportation package may have been resolved.

190 individuals and organizations representing business, labor, the environment and local government today released a letter to Governor Jay Inslee and state lawmakers calling on them to pass a statewide transportation package this session.

Pierce County's Regional Access Mobility Partnership (RAMP) this week called on the state legislature to complete its work on a statewide transportation revenue package.  

This week, commuters will hear radio ads in the western Washington, Yakima and Spokane areas about the importance of passing a comprehensive, statewide transportation package this year. You can listen to them on the Keep Washington Rolling site.