Ports of Seattle and Tacoma welcome new action on multi-billion dollar transportation package

The ports of Seattle and Tacoma welcome the proposal by the Washington State Senate for a $15 billion transportation revenue package that would benefit the state’s economy by speeding the movement of cargo through the ports.  

The ports, business and community leaders have been advocating for funding to complete the key freight routes of State Route 509 in King County and State Route 167 in Pierce County, which now are supported in both the new Senate proposal and the earlier proposal passed in the state House of Representatives.

“We want to thank lawmakers for their hard work and collaboration to develop this transportation package. It is critical for our ports to maintain a competitive edge and supports the Seaport Alliance,” said Port of Tacoma Commission President Don Johnson. “Completing state routes 167 and 509 will keep and grow jobs throughout Washington state.”

The Washington State Department of Transportation estimates a completed SR 167 could fuel job growth to the tune of $10.1 billion.

“Washington farmers, manufacturers and businesses of all sizes need an efficient transportation system to reach global markets,” said Port of Seattle Commission Co-President Courtney Gregoire. “This package means jobs and economic development across our state, and we thank our senators and legislators for recognizing the need to invest in transportation infrastructure.”

According to studies commissioned by the Port of Seattle and cities of SeaTac and Des Moines, the completion of SR 509 will allow for development of more than 5 million square feet of office, retail and commercial space totaling nearly $700 million in new construction.

About the ports of Seattle and Tacoma

Combined, the ports of Seattle and Tacoma are the third-largest container gateway in North America. A recent analysis performed by Martin Associates estimates that the two ports’ marine cargo operations supported more than 48,000 jobs, which generated nearly $4.3 billion in economic activity in 2013. If the farmers and manufacturers who ship products through the ports of Seattle and Tacoma are factored in, the ports’ activities reach 443,000 jobs overall in Washington. 

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