Mother (and Father) Goose

A nursery rhyme

There was a young goose who spotted a box.
She liked the idea, albeit somewhat unorthodox.
Quite an unusual place to nest,
But her gander said, “Whatever you think is best.”

After a first unsuccessful clutch,
The pair still wished to be parents very much.
So she laid for weeks and weeks,
And it’s safe to say she had some pretty sore cheeks.

After waiting and waiting, her eggs finally hatched.
It was impossible for us all not to become attached.
Three perfect little yellow balls of fuzz,
There was much oohing and ahhing—just because.

But the parents soon realized they were stuck.
They could only think to themselves, we might be…in a pickle.
The deck where they had made their nest,
Did not have room for the fledglings’ flight test.

So the biologist came along with her herding skill,
To test her stubbornness against a goose’s will.
After much hissing and attempts to bite,
The geese acquiesced and gave up the fight.

The little goose family waddled off the deck,
With thoughts of wringing the biologist’s neck.
As they made their way through the parking lot,
We watched with hope that those babies have a shot.

They now live happily ever after across the street.
Those triplet’s survival is no small feat.
We know that babies grow up so fast.
But for now, Mother and Father Goose are a family at last.

Follow the goslings

Goose family nest in downspout treatment box on Port Administration Building deck.

Escorting the Goose family from the Administration Building's deck.

Goose family safely exits the deck for the parking lot.