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New Public Works Training Requirement

Effective July 1, 2019, all businesses are required to have training before bidding and/or performing work on public works projects and prevailing wage under RCW 39.04.359 and RCW 39.12.  The bidder must designate a person or persons to be trained on these requirements. The training will be provided by the department of Labor and Industries or by a training provider whose curriculum is approved by the department. Beginning July 1, 2019, this requirement will be added to the Bidder Responsibility criteria that must be met.

Please refer to Labor and Industries’ web site for more information and training dates, requirements, and exemptions.  Failure to attend this training could result in a determination of “not responsible” and the bidder not being awarded a public works contract.

Bid # Title Type Status
90144 Addendum #1 posted 4.28.20, Addendum #2 posted 5.6.2020, Attachment D & F posted 5.6.2020, Addendum #3 posted 5.7.20, Submittal List posted 7.13.20 Personal services Closed
071356 Holder's List posted 4.7.2020, Holders List posted 4.13.20, QA #1 posted 4.14.20, QA #2 posted 4.15.20, Addendum #1 posted 4.24.20, QA #3 posted 4.24.20, Addendum #2 posted 4.28.20, QA #4 posted 5.1.20, Submittal List posted 5.8.20, Solicitation Status-Award posted Professional services Closed
071371 Includes Attachments A-C posted 3.24.2020, Q&A #01 posted 3.24.2020, Q&A #02 posted 3.31.2020, Q&A #03 posted 4.6.2020, Holder's list posted 4.6.2020, Submittal List posted 4.9.2020 Personal services Closed
89722 THIS BID HAS BEEN CANCELLED-Addendum #01 posted 3.23.2020, Holder's list posted 3.23.2020, Addendum #2 posted 4.1.2020 Purchased goods and services Closed
071347 IMPORTANT- We had a issue with the Holders List, if you signed up please sign up again so that you get any updates that are posted. Specs posted 3.17.20, Holder's List posted 3.17.2020 BID DATE postponed, pre-bid will still be held-Addendum #1 posted 3.24.20, Addendum #2 posted 4.22.20, Addendum #3 posted 4.29.20. Holders List posted 5.4.20 NOTICE REGARDING PORT OF TACOMA INVITATION TO BID 071356-sealed bids must be received at the front desk of the Port Admin Office (1 Sitcum Plaza) on May 6th by 2:00pm PST. For the safety of our staff working in the building please wear masks when dropping off bids, posted 5.4.20, Bid Tab posted 5.7.20 Public works Closed
071359 The NWSA and Port of Tacoma are soliciting proposals from interested and qualified firms to provide graphic services to support for planning tasks. Such tasks would include, but are not limited to, professional publication, planning presentations, updates to existing graphic material, interactive maps, and drawings that support scenario land utilization planning conversations. Posted Q&A #01 3.18.2020, Q&A #02 3.20.2020, Q&A #03 3.26.2020, Addendum #01 3.26.2020, DRAFT Task Order Worksheet 3.26.2020, Q&A #04 3.26.2020, Q&A #05 3.27.2020, Submittal List posted 4.3.2020 Personal services Closed
071357 Addendum #1 posted 3.17.20, Addendum #2 posted 3.17.20, QA #1 posted 3.18.20, QA #2 posted 3.19.20, QA #3 posted 3.24.20, QA #4 posted 3.26.20, QA#5 posted 3.27.20, Submittal List posted 4.2.20, revised Submittal List posted 4.9.20 Personal services Closed
071126 Posted Q&A #01 3.12.2020, Holders List posted 3.13.2020, Addendum #01 3.16.2020, Pre-Bid sign in sheet posted 3.19.20 IMPORTANT-BID DATE postponed-Addendum #2 posted 3.24.20, Holders List posted 3.31.2020, IMPORTANT- Bid date postponed-Addendum #3 posted 4.7.20, Addendum #4 posted 4.17.20, Q&A #2 posted 4.21.20, Addendum #5 posted 4.29.20 NOTICE REGARDING PORT OF TACOMA INVITATION TO BID 071126-sealed bids must be received at the front desk of the Port Admin Office (1 Sitcum Plaza) on May 14th by 2:00pm PST. For the safety of our staff working in the building please wear masks when dropping off bids, posted 5.4.20, Holders List posted 5.14.20, Bid Tab posted 5.15.20 Public works Closed
071294 Holders List posted 3.13.20, Preliminary Bid Results re-posted 3.26.2020, Bid Tab posted 3.26.2020 Public works Closed
071300 Attendance at ONE (1) of the pre-bids is Mandatory. Sign in sheet site visit #1 March 6, 2020, Sign in sheet site visit #2 March 9, 2020, Addendum #1 posted 3.13.20, Q&A #1 posted 3.13.20 Personal services Closed
071336 Posted Addendum #01 and Q&A #1 Response 3.05.2020, Holders List posted 3.13.20, revised 1:15PM, Submittal List posted 3.19.20, Revised Submittal List posted 3.19.20, Selection posted 4.2.20 Professional services Closed
071165 Final Bid Tab posted 2.19.2020 IMPORTANT-Mandatory pre-Bid conferences and site visits have been set for February 4, 2020 at 11:00 AM or February 5, 2020 at 11:00 AM. The pre-bid conferences and site visits will convene at the Port's Administrative building, located at One Sitcum Plaza. All Contractors intending to submit a bid must attend one of the pre-bid conferences. The following Personal Protective Equipment is required for the site visit: sturdy shoes, reflective vest, gloves, safety glasses, and hardhat. Contractors must only attend ONE of the pre-bids, please send an email with your NAME and COMPANY and PRE-BID #1 or #2 to so we can speed the registration process. **Revised Password-NOTE-A FTP site has been set up for the crane for the appendix and reference drawings and can be found here: User account pot71165 Password Fg7pym-NEW PASSWORD Addendum # 2 posted 2.7.2020, Final Bid Tab posted 2.19.2020 Addendum #3 posted 2.14.2020, Q&A#1 posted 2.14.2020 Addendum #1 posted 1.28.2020 Pre-Bid #1 sign in sheet posted 2.4.2020, Pre-Bid #2 posted 2.5.2020, Holders List posted 2.5.2020 Public works Closed
071169 Note-Advertisement revised to include: The Port has been awarded a Department of Homeland Security Grant for the work. Provisions and requirements associated with the grant are included within the Supplemental Conditions attached to the specifications. NOTE- Pre-Bid begins at Port's Administration building. Posted Pre-Bid sign sheet, Hold Harmless and Addendum #1 12.18.19, Holder List posted 1.7.20, Bid Tab posted 1.7.20 Public works Closed
071166 Q&A # 2 posted 12/17/2019, Holder's list posted 12/12/2019, Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet posted 12/6/2019, Q&A # 1 posted 12/2/2019, Bid Tab posted 12.19.19, revised bid tab posted 12.20.19 Public works Closed
88214 Due date changed. Addendum #1 posted 11.8.19n Submittal List posted 12.6.19 Purchased goods and services Closed
071188 Addendum #1 posted 11.12.19, Submittal List updated 11.22.19, Submittal List- Awarded posted 12.11.19 Professional services Closed
071187 Submittal List posted 11.14.19, list revised 11.18.19, Awarded List posted 12.3.19 Professional services Closed
071184 Addendum #1 posted 10.16.19, RFQ-071184 QA #1 added 10.30.19, Submittal List posted 11.13.19, Awarded List posted 12.3.19 Professional services Closed
071183 RFQ-071183 QA #1 added 10.30.19, Submittal List posted 11.8.19, Submittal List updated 12.2.19 Professional services Closed
880002 Addendum #1 posted 10.10.19, Addendum #2 posted 10.14.19, Addendum #3 posted 10.15.19, Bid date changed. Purchased goods and services Closed
071173 Attachment C-Reference form posted 10.15.19, Submittal List posted 11.14.19, Submittal List -Awarded posted 12.11.19 Personal services Closed
071172 Questions due October 11, 2019, Holder List posted 10.4.19, QA #1 posted 10.11.19, revised QA #1 10.14.19, Submittal List posted 11.14.19, revised 11.19.19 Professional services Closed
071158 Bid Tab posted 10.8.19 Public works Closed
87747 Addendum #1 posted 10.2.19, Addendum #2 posted 10.7.19, Addendum #3 posted 10.9.19, Addendum #4 posted 10.14.19, Submittal List-Awarded posted 12.11.19 Purchased goods and services Closed
87798 The Bid Due date has been changed to October 4, 2019 @ 2:00 PM (Addendum #1 - posted 9/25/19) Purchased goods and services Closed