With Lawmakers beginning their third overtime session at noon Sunday as they try to wrap up work on a state operating budget that must be passed by Tuesday to avoid a partial government shutdown Wednesday, the final major barrier to a statewide transportation package may have been resolved.

Gov. Jay Inslee announced Sunday he would accept a deal that restricts his ability to create new rules for the carbon emissions of fuel, apparently wiping out the biggest point of contention on the highway and mass-transit package.

The Olympian went on to report that Republican and Democratic negotiators in the Legislature quickly followed Inslee’s news release with their own optimistic statements applauding the Democratic governor for his concession. The GOP news release said talks were down to “final details.”

Supporters of completing State route 167 are spending Monday and Tuesday making one final push of phone calls, e-mails and face-to-face conversations with lawmakers in Olympia, encouraging them to pass a package.