Knocking on the World's Door

How do you make our region a global center for the 21st Century? The Puget Sound Business Journal identifies five key steps as part of its 35th Anniversary Issue.

One of those steps is investing in transportation.

PSBJ notes that convenient transit options are already making a difference in downtown Seattle. However, it also observes that public transit is only part of the answer. "The state must work to improve the condition of its bridges, roads and rail systems."

We agree, though we might add that before you can fix something, you must finish what you've started. In the southern end of the region, we are plagued with roads to nowhere, inexplicably dead-ending in a cornfield in Puyallup or blackberry bushes behind SeaTac Airport. 

The Legislature has an opportunity to help make the region a global center by investing in infrastructure and finishing what it started, by finishing SR 167 and SR 509.