Poll shows support for transportation

With the House Transportation Committee poised to consider a statewide transportation funding package this week, one may wonder what the public thinks about the relative importance of transportation funding.

On March 12, Cocker Fennessey shared public opinion poll data with the Puget Sound Regional Council on this question. The bottom line: citizens in the Puget Sound region see an urgent need for infrastructure investments.

When asked what they thought is the most important problem facing the Puget Sound region today, 47 percent of respondents cited roads, traffic or the need to repair bridges. This was 39 points higher than the next most commonly cited problem.

Seventy-nine percent of those polled also noted that traffic congestion on the roads they typically used were either a “serious” or “critical” problem.

Puget Sound residents also understand the critical connection between infrastructure investments and economic development: 

  • Ninety-nine percent believe transportation is important to the economy, with 83 percent describing it as “very” important.
  • Of the various components of the transportation network, such as local roads, transit, ferries, and bike/ped, 93 percent described major highways and arterials as “important” or “very important”—greater than any other category.

There is also a growing sense of urgency around transportation investments. Fifty-one percent of those asked felt the region was losing ground when it comes to addressing transportation. Two out of three went on to say that it is “very important” to address transportation issues this session.

Given this strong support, it is essential that lawmakers in Olympia get back to the negotiating table and work out a statewide transportation funding package.

Compromise will be needed on all sides. But voters are expecting results. Now is the time for action. Now is the time to complete State Route 167.