Protecting water quality

Going beyond compliance

Water is an integral part of our environment.

We pioneer low impact development (LID) techniques to treat industrial stormwater. We use natural site features and small-scale stormwater controls to mimic natural hydraulic patterns to remove pollutants before they reach Commencement Bay.

We also control the sources of stormwater pollution by requiring vinyl-covered chain link fences, and avoiding the use of uncoated galvanized steel for roofing, siding, gutters and other components that convey stormwater.

Stormwater Management Plan

In compliance with the Washington State Department of Ecology's stormwater permit requirements, our Stormwater Management Plan educates employees and tenants, finds and eliminates illicit discharges, maps stormwater conveyance systems, monitors water quality, implements best management practices (BMPs) and treats stormwater where appropriate.

View the 2020 Stormwater Management Plan. Send questions or comments to Anita Fichthorn at 253-830-5379. 

Ballast water discharge prohibited

Commercial vessels are prohibited from discharging untreated ballast water while at berth, in accordance with the regulations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Coast Guard.

Discharging ballast water can have a negative effect on the marine environment by introducing invasive species to the waters. The EPA and Coast Guard rules aim to protect U.S. waters.  

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Partnering with others

  • Respond to oil spills jointly with the City of Tacoma
  • Sponsor the full-time Bay Patrol Program through Citizens for a Healthy Bay
  • Joined with the City of Tacoma, SSA Marine and the University of Washington to endow the Port of Tacoma Chair at the University of Washington Tacoma to lead research at the Center for Urban Waters. Research priorities include bioremediation, aquaculture and invasive species control.