Port Of Tacoma Administration Building Security Enhancement and Port CCTV Camera Expansion

Contract Number:
Estimated Cost Range:
Estimated cost range is $ 278,000 to $ 309,000, plus Washington State Sales Tax (WSST).
Submit questions in writing, attention Heather Shadko
Procurement Summary:
These projects are Federally Funded by U.S. Department of Homeland Security Grant No. EMW-2019-PU-00236.

The work required for these projects includes installation of security cameras and associated hardware to connect to the Port’s security network at the Port Administration building and various locations throughout the Port. The work also includes installation of point-to-point wireless communications system, demolition, and replacement of glass door with new storefront frame and door, demolition, and replacement of storefront glass panels with insulated laminated glass, installation of ADA buttons.
IMPORTANT-NDA required prior to access to documents. Site walk is not mandatory, but NDA is required to be submitted no later than COB on 11.3.21, holder's list posted 11.2.21, Q&A #01 posted 11.12.21, Addendum # 01 posted 11.18.21, Addendum # 02 posted 11.23.21