Administrative Building Roof Replacement Project

Contract Number:
Estimated Cost Range:
Estimated cost range is $1,552,000 to $1,716,000, plus Washington State Sales Tax (WSST).
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Procurement Summary:
The Work required for this Project includes:
the removal and disposal of approximately 24,000 sqft of existing SPF coated metal roof panels and adjacent metal fascia panels and replace with new metal roof and fascia panels; installation of new gutters, downspouts, fall protection and bird deterrent systems; temporary support and minor modification of mechanical; temporary support of other utilities located on the roof; and relocation of access door and exhaust vents.
QA #01 posted 7.26.21, Pre-bid sign in sheet posted 7.27.21, Holder's list posted 7.27.21, bid tab posted 8.4.21