Administration Building Restroom Repairs

Contract Number:
Estimated Cost Range:
Estimated cost range is $445,000 to $488,000, plus Washington State Sales Tax (WSST).
Submit questions in writing, attention Heather Shadko
Procurement Summary:
The Work required for this Project includes:
The demolition of two restrooms located on the first floor and two on the second floor directly above those on the first floor. Reconstruction of new restrooms in a rotated orientation to accommodate ADA and code compliance. These restrooms are located inside of an existing office building that will be occupied during the work. Provisions for noise and dust control will need to be employed. As the work is within a secured area TWIC credentials or appropriate escort will be required.
Pre-bid sign-in sheet and agenda posted 8.25.21, Holder List posted 8.25.21, QA #1 posted 8.31.21, QA #2 posted 8.31.21, Addendum #1 & QA #3 posted 9.3.21
NOTE-Bid opening date changed to 9.14.21