2016 Funded Projects

2017 Festival of Sail

The Foss Waterway Development Authority’s four-day maritime event featuring tall sailing vessels will bring tourism economic development to Pierce County in the form of hotel stays, increased patronage to restaurants and other travel services.

Dome Business District marketing video

The Dome Business District’s marketing video will be used to improve the district’s social and business engagement and promote area businesses. The marketing tool will assist local, regional and statewide visitors, as well as attract new businesses to the area.

Overpass upgrade on State Route 410

The City of Sumner project will upgrade an overpass and two intersections at the State Route 410 interchange with Sumner’s Traffic Avenue and Puyallup’s East Main. The truck route connects to Sumner’s industrial area and the Port of Tacoma, and 30,000 commuters travel on it each day. The Port’s contribution will help Sumner obtain grant funds for design work and leverage other grant dollars.

Signalization at Durango & Steilacoom

The City of Lakewood project will fully-signalize the intersection at Durango and Steilacoom Boulevard SW to increase freight mobility distribution. This infrastructure project helps Lakewood revitalize an underused industrial site with improved access for 54 parcels, 30 to 40 businesses, 400 employees and 22,000 daily commuters. The Port funds will be used for grant matching and to help leverage additional grant dollars.

Background information

Economic development at the port occurs in direct ways, such as the development of publicly-owned marine terminals and industrial parks, as well as indirectly through community economic development investments.

Our Local Economic Development Investment Fund has an annual budget of $250,000. It is available to non-profits and municipal agencies in Pierce County, and may be used to help local jurisdictions fulfill matching requirements to receive a larger grant. 

Investments prioritize:

  • Road and freight rail infrastructure projects that create long-term jobs
  • Marine tourism infrastructure projects intended to attract tourists to Pierce County from outside locations
  • Planning activities or events promoting international trade 
  • Planning activities or events promoting tourism intended to attract tourists to Pierce County from outside locations